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Because that is not what I actually want and that makes it shady. It drives me crazy when guys do this.

There are all sorts of reasons for this strategy. That can sometimes happen. Once you are in the friendzone you are done. Why go there on purpose?

He Said-She Said: What's Up with "Just Friends"?

You will never turn that into more as long as that is how she views you. Honestly there are some guys who are lacking self confidence and think this is literally the only way to get to hang out with women they like. I feel legitimate pain in my heart for you if that is where you are at. But you are worth more than that. Stop subjecting yourself to this. How many times did this work out? Did it actually protect you? Have you ever seen it work? I love everything you say here about not using the friendship angle as a sort of cover up.

I do want to comment on the situation with women writing in their profiles that they want to be friends first. No matter how much I talked about my faith in my profile and in emails most guys went straight to the physical stuff. Women are just trying to figure out how to build in some space so that they can get to know a guy a little bit before a guy is all over them.

I was focussed on the way guys read that and use it the wrong way. But you are exactly right on that.

No-pressure dating and the value of friendship

It can definitely mean that. Online dating as a female has to be crazy. Thanks for bringing that up. Whatever happened to old fashioned courting? Going back to square one like our grandparents did and being gentlemen and ladies? They have lifetime marriages. How did they do it?

Rather than reinvent the wheel or create an dating eWheel monster — how do we pick up the legacy of life lasting marriage that they had laid down for us?

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Friends first does work sometimes. I have friends who are gearing up for their marriage in October next year. It was great to meet you, albeit briefly, at Bristol on Friday. Thank you and your colleagues very much for organising this event.

3 Principles of Friendship in Dating - That Crazy Christian Romance

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