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Our Continental cousins are accustomed to needing ultra-long cables to connect to EHUs and, because 1. QUOTE] I used to have that problem when winding around hand and elbow - but it doesn't happen if you wind it onto a 'spool'. I think there's a bit of the 'Urban Myth' exaggeration involved, but no doubt it is preferable to have some ventilation around the cable especially if the current flowing is 'highish'. However, I also suspect that part of the confusion can be laid at the doors of our EU neighbours who always it seems travel with leads on spools and rarely unwind more than what they need.

Their cable is of a lower wattage than ours and seems more flexible. Certainly it is not as rigid as the orange one we use here. I have not heard of any major disasters with what they are doing so I guess it is an 'approved' method.

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Log in to the Forums. Register on the Forums. Unrolling Mains Hook-up leads. A posting machine Posts: Stoke on Trent iHS. It is frequently stated that one should always fully unroll the mains hook-up lead when it is in use to prevent overheating. Surely, if the lead is rated at 15amps or more, then if this current is not exceeded the wire will not get hot. The hook-up supply almost invariably has a limiting trip switch set to 15 amps or fewer , again within the capacity of the wire. I have used site hook-up supplies for 30 years and have never fully unrolled the cable, and have never had any overheating problems.

So, what is the basis for the cable unrolling advice?

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I did notice our, loosely coiled, lead get very warm , not long after we had our first van.. Some years on, I mounted our lead s onto a cable reel Wirral - Hymer BClass bhp. Have a read at this thread http: Lives on the forums Posts: Derbyshire Elddis accordo When my 7kw shower is on the 6mm flat cable gets slightly warm. So if it was wound tightly round itself I would imagine it would get hot.

Try it for yourself if you've got an electric shower. Auto-sleeper Sussex Duo By habit I would never use any electric cable coiled, regardless of the passing current. One thing I have noticed, and I always fully unwind it, is that trying to rewind it up again can be a pain as the lead coils itself up into loops which are fun to straighten. Hi, Not unrolling the lead fully can cause " Eddy Currents ". Upminster, Burstner Aviano i I you went and bought a copy of this book BS IET Wiring Regulations, it would soon become very clear how cables are rated under different conditions. All electricians are required to understand and conform to these regulations.

All cables are rated as in free air but once you put them in conduit, roll them up, put them under plaster etc. Some cables don't get to the stage of melting when they continually get hot they just disintegrate, I had a case of this occurring in a London office block recently the outer and inner casings just crumbled in your hands. The cable was only 7 years old. Walks with the gods Posts: Currently of no fixed abode..

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I coil mine in a bucket, cant say I've ever noticed it get warm, if it did I'd fill the bucket with water I am not a sparky but my understanding is that it would take many times more turns before eddy current were the problem. As our electrician contributor has just said its the lack of ventilation when coiled that stops heat from dispersing that needs to be avoided. The black wire favoured on the continent is I believe rubber covered as it stays d flexible at sub zero C temperatures where the UK PVC covered stuff gets to stiff to handle.

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It might be that the black rubber is better at conducting heat away. Lord of the posts Posts: I used to have that problem when winding around hand and elbow - but it doesn't happen if you wind it onto a 'spool'. Pops in from time to time Posts: If winding cable or rope into a coil by hand it needs to be twisted with each loop..

Rope and cable has a natural twist and this is why it will twist into loops on its own and create tangles therefore you need to counteract this twist. We get a good chuckle watching people trying to get the cable between the EHU and the van as it is in a lovely tangle. I learnt to coil rope on hand and elbow boating when a child and have done it for the HU cable for almost twenty years of motorcaravanning. The the knack is in alway starting at the same point and securing the loop in two places A couple of Velcro straps intended to strap pumps to the bike To unwind start at the HU and walk away back to the van unwinding as you go keeping a grip on the coil.

Plug in van and tuck unused part under van ready to pick up hopefully still dry. Back to the HU and plug in. Discussion in ' Motorhome Chat ' started by Trev45 , Sep 13, Log in or Sign up. Hook up leads 1. Jul 4, Messages: First question as a newbie and I apologise if the answer is elsewhere on this forum. On ebay I notice that the sellers of 2.

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What are the views of forum members? I tempted to go for the 2. Trev45 , Sep 13, Like it x 1.

Nov 27, Messages: TheBig1 , Sep 13, Like it x 4 Informative x 2. Jul 30, Messages: Northernraider , Sep 13, Thanks for the prompt replies 2.

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Like it x 2. Apr 2, Messages: Like it x 3 Informative x 2. Oct 24, Messages: Zigisla , Sep 13, Oct 29, Messages: I only use blue as it is a different compound and does not go hard in the cold weather and its 2. Mar 7, Messages: Blue cable is called artic cable and does not go as stiff in the cold as the orange cable.

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Mikey RV , Sep 13, Jul 26, Messages: Khizzie , Sep 13, Like it x 1 Useful x 1. Nov 4, Messages: Mine was orange when new but is now yellow. Dognewf , Sep 19, Deleted member , Sep 19, Informative x 5 Nice One! Oct 18, Messages: On the coast in West Sussex Ratings: Lenny HB , Sep 19,