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There will be no free space on the table because a Bulgarian woman will prepare so many dishes that it will be an embarrassment of riches. If you marry a Bulgarian woman, your family and friends gathering will be the best! The most important thing that attracts foreign men to Bulgarian women — these ladies are into commitment.

And yes, they expect dating to end up with a marriage.

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There are many kinds of beauties in Bulgaria. Some are light-skinned with fair hair and green eyes, others are raven-haired with a tanned complexion and large dark eyes just like Nina Dobrev. Even though the majority of the population are Bulgarians South Slavic people , there are also many people with Turkish and Greek ancestry as well as Romas and many others. Bulgarian girls make sure they look perfect.

They never show up anywhere looking like a mess. They wear very neat fashionable clothes, take care of their hair fix it every time, some straighten it, others make it curly , do all the affordable beauty procedures and so on. There are women of different height in Bulgaria but many of them are tall.

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Often they are also fit remember, they always have to look perfect? Bulgarian women love dancing, working out and taking care of their bodies all the time. As far as aging is concerned, Bulgarian women become more elegant with time. Bulgarian mail order brides attract men not only thanks to their appearance. They have interesting personalities. Bulgarian girls behave like many Southern people do they are South Slavs, right? They love being loud, laughing a lot, being passionate about everything and are very expressive.

When it comes to fights, they will also do it in the Bulgarian style — rampant Bulgarian style. Bulgarian women easily switch from one passionate mode to another one. Bulgarian girls seek men who can be dominant, strong and capable of solving problems.

If you want to impress a Bulgarian woman, show her you are a problem-solver. Bulgarian male order brides make perfect wives and mothers because they are extremely caring. They will never leave you alone with a problem, they will always offer help. They know dozens of recipes for home remedies. If you catch a cold, be ready for a Bulgarian woman to come to you with a healing Bulgarian drink or soup. But no, Bulgarian men are great in general and for marriage in particular.

So why do Bulgarian women seek husbands abroad? Bulgarian brides are some of the most popular and desirable women, especially in Europe. No wonder so many myths revolve around them. Before you start dating a Bulgarian woman, check out top myths about them:. Bulgarian women are passionate and can be jealous, but there should always be a reason for that. Status is a big deal in Bulgaria.

Love makes a cottage a castle. Bulgarian brides use a lot of makeup. They master this art for years, practice on their own, watch YouTube tutorials, attend courses — every girl does what she can to look perfect. Bulgarian women are naturally stunning. However, their society taught them to push themselves to the limits and look flawless.

Marrying a Bulgarian woman is a dream for many men. They are some of the best European brides.

Because they always look stunning even if they go out for groceries , they cook extremely delicious food, they are super-caring and passionate in love. If you want to get a woman like this, register on a Bulgarian mail order bride set as soon as possible! This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Read more OK. They are very feminine, they take care of their appearance, they are very caring, have fantastic cooking and homemaking skills and besides are very passionate when it comes to love.

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Marrying a Bulgarian woman is a blessing. Are you interested in having a wife like this? Do you want to have a fabulous mother to your children?

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Victoria Brides 4. They are not very well oriented in the modern world even though you will see them with fancy expensive cars and the latest technology. Their affairs are however mostly shady and they are big chauvinists. I would personally recommend avoiding them as much as possible: they are prone to bringing a lot of drama into the relationships. If a girl has an adventurous spirit and enough energy — they can be really cool! The third group consists of everyone else. Bulgarian men are generally good human beings. When treated well, they can be real sweethearts.

They are quite capable and you can count on them to fix your car, change the lightbulb or repaint the entire apartment even if they are bank employers. For sure. Different sexuality is quite new for Bulgarians believe it or not and they can tolerate it when not demonstrated. When the neck turns, so does the head.

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Nevertheless, to the sharp eye it quickly becomes obvious that women run Bulgaria. If you have married Bulgarian friends for example, try inviting them for a beer after work — most of them will tell you that they have to ask the missis if they can go.

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  5. Even though I am Bulgarian by origin, I lived abroad for quite some years and I find it really hard to communicate with most of the local women, since my interests in literature, adventure and photography are rarely shared by them. Most Bulgarians do not worry too much about planning way ahead in the future and mostly live day-by-day, which makes communication on a deeper level quite hard at times. I am not exactly a foreigner yet not totally a local. Most of my friends however are foreigners and they are very well accepted in Bulgaria.

    Foreigners are generally more respected in Bulgaria than locals especially when it comes to applying for jobs. As I mentioned above Bulgaria is generally very safe and it is perhaps safer for women. No method of transportation however is particularly dangerous for ladies. There are several cities in Bulgaria mostly inhabited by Turks who have either stayed here or moved to Bulgaria.

    I have personally never been to those cities Kardjali is a prime example. If anyone decides to visit, I would recommend being a little more cautious than anywhere else. As people say: wear the clothes for the body you have, not for the body you want. Bulgarians can be cruel with words when someone is dressed inappropriately.

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